Hyde Park sees uptick in bike thefts

    Austin Police burglary detectives are investigating after pictures of an alleged bike thief spread on social media.

    The incident was reported in Hyde Park where Krimelabb data reveals 18 bikes have been reported stolen in that neighborhood since March.

    Bike shop employees say because Hyde Park is so close to the University of Texas campus there's a high concentration of people who ride bikes which means more opportunities for thieves.

    Employees at Clown Dog Bikes on San Jacinto Boulevard say word of the Hyde Park bike thief has gotten around.

    "We've been aware of this guy's face and it's nice they got such a good picture of everything," Bryce Holt said.

    Holt and the other employees at the bike shop don't tolerate bike thieves, and neither do most Austinites.

    There's a Facebook page dedicated specifically to reuniting Austin bike owners with their lost or stolen property. A post on that page alleges the man pictured was caught on Duval and 51st Street with bolt cutters after stealing bikes from Hyde Park.

    Austin Police have not identified him as a suspect.

    "It's always been an Austin issue. We've been combating it as much as possible. It's been getting better now that social media is more available," Holt said.

    CBS Austin tracked down the woman who confirmed she is the victim of this bike theft. She didn't want to go on camera, but said both bikes in the picture were stolen out of her garage on Duval Street.

    APD confirmed the theft was reported Monday evening and a burglary detective is looking into it.

    "I'm always afraid to leave it out even if I just run in to get something really quick like if I forget something in the morning I'm watching it," said Hyde Park resident Moriah Flagler.

    Flagler, like many in Hyde Park, bike to and from campus every day. Flagler has had her wheels stolen multiple times and now, says she doesn't take any chances

    "They're easy to steal and I've only lived in Austin for two years because I'm a grad student but I know in Tucson bike theft is really high where I'm from so I'm trained to take good care of it," Flagler said.

    Bike shop employees say if you are not able to bring your bike inside at night, use two heavy duty u-locks.

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