Human skeletal remains found in New Braunfels

Investigators in New Braunfels search for additional human remains near Green Valley Road and FM 1044 after a utility crew found some Tuesday afternoon (SBG Photo)

The New Braunfels police department is investigating the discovery of human skeletal remains.

Authorities said the remains were found Tuesday at about 3:45 p.m. by utility crews working in the area of FM 1044 and Green Valley Road. The remains belong to an adult human, authorities said.

There is no cause of manner of death for the remains. Age, condition of the remains and gender will be determined by forensic analysis.

"It will depend on labs and their schedules and whatever kind of tests are determined by investigators that are needed to determine the identity, age, gender, etc.,” said David Ferguson, a spokesperson for the New Braunfels Police Department.

The discovery was made by a foreman of an electrical crew working in the area. He says the remains were found about 30 yards from FM 1044.

“It was a skull without the bottom jaw,” said the foreman.

The foreman says the upper jaw still had a tooth in it.

There will be an afternoon press briefing with another update on the case, authorities said.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as they become available.

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