Caring volunteers at San Antonio hospitals help cuddle newborn babies


    Several San Antonio hospitals have volunteers with a very special job.

    All the volunteers have to be willing to do is cuddle with some newborns.

    They say they're seeing more babies being born with serious medical illnesses, and require a little extra attention. Hospitals say just having someone to give hold them, cuddle them and give them some extra love can make a big difference.

    "We can perform miracles in medicine when it comes to the biological growth of babies in the premature period, but the emotional growth is equally important," said Umber Darilek, nurture specialist, University Hospital.

    One mother, whose young son has been hospitalized since he was born premature four months ago, is grateful for the special attention her son receives. Her husband is on a mission trip in Vietnam and they have more children back at home, meaning she can't see her son as often as she'd like.

    "They have volunteers coming in to hold him. It makes me feel so much better because I can't always be here all day," mother Danielle Rugnao.

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