Home owner pulls gun on burglary suspect

Armanco Meece, age 27, was arrested for burglary of residence after he broke into a house Saturday morning. (Photo: MGN Online)

Austin police arrested a man for burglary of residence after he broke into a house Saturday morning.

On July 9th, at approximately 1:18 a.m. officers were dispatched to a house in the 5500 block of Shaveport Drive for a reported burglary.

The victims, a man and a woman, told the police they were asleep in their bedroom when their dog started barking. The man then said he could hear some movement in the house, so he grabbed his gun and walked into the living room. Once there, he noticed his 65" inch TV was missing and the back door was wide open. He then exited the back door and noticed the side gate of the property was also open.

According to the affidavit, the man said he walked to the front of the house and saw a silver Chrysler Cruiser near the sidewalk. He then saw a male subject standing near the property and immediately pointed a gun at the suspect and told him not to move. The suspect said he was coming from a friend's house and began to move away from the house towards the street.

Court documents say the homeowner then exited house with his shotgun as the suspect ran to his vehicle. The man hit the driver side window with the butt of the shotgun and the suspect fled the scene.

The couple then found the TV on the side of the house in the backyard, along with a knife that they claimed did not belong to them.

The affidavit says authorities asked the couple if there was anything else missing, and the man said his drill was taken out of the tool box on his truck. A pink iPod Nano was also missing from the vehicle.

Officers came upon the suspect's vehicle near Covington Trail and Condan Drive. Nobody was inside.

The affidavit says police located the man entering his residence in Quinn Trail. When asked if he could speak with them the man refused. Officers then pointed a gun at the man and said he was noncompliant to their verbal commands. After a small confrontation, the man was handcuffed and frisked for weapons.

Suspect was then identified as 27-year-old Armando Meece.

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