Hearing to consider lying on Voter ID exemption form a crime

MGN Online

On Monday, the Texas house Election committee will hold a public hearing on a bill that would make it a crime to lie on a voter ID exemption form.

Voting in Texas has not always been easy depending on who you ask.

Some people say the process for casting a ballot is too restrictive. While others say it's too easy for people to vote illegally.

Right now Texas requires voters to carry one of seven forms of identification to vote, but with one exception.

If you don't have an ID on you, you can sign an affidavit at the polls saying you are legally allowed to vote in the state of Texas.

But as it stands now, there's no legal penalty for lying on the form.

House Bill 2481 would change that by making lying on the form illegal as a way to deter voter fraud.

Texas voter ID laws remain a controversial topic.

A federal appeals court ruled in 2016 that Texas' 2011 voter ID law was discriminatory against minorities and the poor.

HB 2481 will need committee approval before it can head to the full house for a vote.

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