Hays Co. mom says she 'did the right thing' when she shot an intruder

    Dripping Springs welcome sign. (KEYE TV)

    A mother alone with her three children shoots an intruder in the Dripping Springs area. The suspect is expected to recover but the woman tells a harrowing story. She told her story to KEYE TV but asked that she not be identified.

    The neighborhood is in a remote part of Hays County. The mother says she saw someone in her yard Monday night. She could see the man because the dome light on his truck was on. When she saw the red glow of a cigarette, she knew she didn't know who it was and called 911.

    The sheriff's office says 25-year-old Randall Dorsett tried to enter through the front door but was able to get into the garage and break into the kitchen. The homeowner confronted Dorsett with a .44 caliber gun, telling him to identify himself. He asked if she would escort him to the front door and if he could turn on a light.

    The woman told KEYE TV, "I kept telling him to get out of my house and that I have a gun."

    "He was not going to get past me to get to my children," she said.

    The mom says time stood still but Dorsett was in the home for a little over a minute before she shot him. The bullet hit him in the abdomen and he's expected to recover.

    "I'm convinced I did the right thing. He made the choice to come into my house," she said.

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