Hand delivering help to homeowners and first responders

Photo credit: KEYE TV

Overnight on Tuesday, Bastrop County homeowners continued to check on their property. At the corner of Alum Creek Road and Park Road 1C, there is a checkpoint that does not allow anyone but first responders, homeowners and insurance workers into the most devastated areas.

It's where KEYE TV News crews found volunteers from the Smithville non-profit group Mission U-Too hand delivering boxed meals to first responders and homeowners.

"Of course I'm impacted just by the hurt that I see on people's faces," said Bryan Brueggman.

Brueggman is from Smithville.

"These are all my neighbors so it's my community, they're my family," said Brueggman.

The backroads of Bastrop have become his mission field.

"Loving on the community in rough times," said Brueggman.

The group has already hand-delivered more than 5,000 meals in less than a week.

"We'll be here as long as the need is. We're just here to feed the need," said Brueggman.

The Mission U-Too crews have already seen so much devastation.

"We've seen people's houses burned down," said Brueggman.

Also called in to help is Corlis Dobson, a field claims specialist for State Farm Insurance.

"It's a very emotional time," said Dobson.

He will stay in Bastrop County until every question is answered and a person can begin to recover what was destroyed. Each policy is different and each person's loss is unique. Things like spoiled food to an entire home may need to be claimed, but after all the disasters he's seen...

"We are truly here for the policy holder, whatever they need," said Dobson.

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