Gun stolen from man's car used in weekend murder

SBG San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO -- A Northeast Side man is concerned after thieves broke into his car.

“I got to worry about. This is the community I live in,” said Chris Ishee. “This is the community my kids play in. they go to school here

And it’s not just that crime. The thieves stole a handgun from the car that police say appears to have been used in a murder.

Chris Ishee knew something wasn't right one evening last week.

“We noticed the dogs were going crazy barking,” Chris told us.

The next morning, he found out why.

“Right here in the pocket of the door inside, I had the firearm sticking right there with special holsters,” explained Chris. “…They saw that. They grabbed it and weren't worried about anything else.”

That night, a group of thieves walked through his Northeast Side neighborhood, systematically opening cars and taking what they found. The group was caught on several security cameras, grabbing chargers, cash, and garage door openers.

“They knew what they were doing,” Chris said. “They were walking, hitting vehicles, hitting them fast."

Chris filed a police report about the stolen handgun. This week, he received a call back from San Antonio police about his expensive Sig Sauer.

“’We did recover your gun,’” Chris recalled a police officer telling him. “And then I thought, they probably destroyed it. And they said it was used in a homicide, and you will not be getting the gun back because its evidence."

Chris says he was told the gun that was taken from his car last week was used to kill a 21-year old this weekend.

“It still hurts knowing somebody out there, their life was taken in some tragic fate,” added Chris. “I'm connected to that somehow."

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