Groups push for more lenient drone regulations

Some groups are pushing lawmakers to reconsider legislation on drones. (Cropped Photo: Andrew Turner / CC BY 2.0 / MGN Online)

Some groups are pushing lawmakers to reconsider legislation on drones.

"There's a lot of potential for growth in the drone economy in Texas, but unfortunately they did introduce more drone legislation in Texas than any other states," said Nathan Trail, policy manager for the Consumer Technology Association.

On Tuesday, a group of police and business leaders gathered to ask lawmakers to reconsider how they regulate drones.

"I believe that Texas has a tremendous amount of innovation in various industries and we believe Texas should take a lead on how drones are adopted across our businesses here and across other states," said Jeff Decoux, CEO of Hangar Technology.

Decoux says drones have become a more efficient way for businesses, government agencies, and non-profits to save money, whether they are used for sending deliveries, surveying, or saving lives.

"They were instrumental in the search and rescue recovery, not just in Hurricane Harvey but in other cases we see through infrared technology and how quickly they can be deployed versus traditional methods of helicopters search and rescue," Trail said.

Some critics say drones can get in the way of emergency and commercial aircraft potentially causing more harm than good.

"The drone community was great after Hurricane Harvey. The FAA authorized a lot of exemptions for pilots to aid in search and rescue efforts," Trail said.

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