Georgetown marks 16 years searching for Rachel Cooke

Friends and family gather with law enforcement in Georgetown to mark 16 years of searching for Rachel Cooke. (Photo: CBS Austin)

Wednesday Georgetown marked 16 years of searching for Rachel Cook. Rachel was 19 when she disappeared and her family has never stopped looking.

A small gathering was held for Rachel under a tree dedicated to her at Georgetown High School. And her mother brought something unexpected: a smile. Janet Cooke explained that time had built a callous to protect her from the pain. And this time she was here to honor Rachel and to thank those who are still looking for her.

“It’s been a rough couple of years,” she admits adding, “I never would have thought 16 years would have gone by without somebody saying something.”

Rachel was 19 and home from college for the holidays when she went out for a run and never returned. The search has been on for her ever since. Cooke says, “it’s been unbelievable. I mean thousands and thousands of people came and walked their hearts out. And they’d come back crying because they didn’t find her.”

Cooke also notes she’s noticed In recent months this missing case has taken on new urgency under new Williamson County Sheriff Robert Chody adding, “There are numerous cold cases in Williamson County that he’s tackling. And he’s serious about giving those families some type of closure.”

Chody reminds us the FBI recently announced a $50,000 reward for information that leads to locating Rachel Cooke. That’s on top of another $50,000 raised locally.

In the meantime the search goes on.

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