Georgetown Council to decide if intersection causing safety concerns should remain open

An intersection in a Georgetown neighborhood could soon be closed to thru traffic due to safety concerns. (CBS Austin)

An intersection in a Georgetown neighborhood could soon be closed to thru traffic due to safety concerns.

It's the West Majestic Oak and Apache Mountain Lane intersection located in the Woodland Park neighborhood.

A law firm is also claiming a study performed by the city on the intersection was skewed to keep it open to traffic after it was temporarily closed to address safety concerns, but the city says that did not happen.

Some neighbors who live along West Majestic Oak Lane say traffic has gotten worse and unsafe over the years with too many cars passing through the intersection, using it as a shortcut to get to other parts of town.

"A lot of the cars that come through for some reason are in a hurry," said resident Debbie Einem, who has lived near the intersection for almost three years.

She said she watches cars zip by at unsafe speeds all throughout the day -- a safety concern that led Georgetown council members to temporarily shut down the intersection in 2015 to perform a traffic study on the issue.

"When we have friends come in, I actually go out and direct traffic, so I can allow my friends to leave without the fear of being hit," Einem said.

If more than 1000 cars use the intersection during the day, the city planned to close it off, only allowing access to emergency vehicles.

At the end of the study, the city found fewer than 1,000 cars traveling through the intersection.

An Austin-based law firm claims that study was skewed.

Aleshire law says that the city had an agreement to count the number of cars traveling through the intersection after a 60-90 day period but started counting shortly after it reopened.

"It's not safe. There's gonna be an accident one day," said Gene Wood, who lives nearby.

Some drivers against closing the intersection say it should be left open since it is taxpayer-funded.

The Georgetown City Council is expected to debate and vote on whether or not to keep the intersection open Tuesday night.

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