Georgetown cleaning up after floods

The Shady River RV Resort in Georgetown is one Williamson County neighborhood affected by the floods. (CBS Austin)

After a night of heavy rain and flooding, some Georgetown families are displaced, while many more are left cleaning up.

The San Gabriel River crested to higher than 24 feet, which is the fifth highest crest ever.

The flood stage is only 9 feet.

"They came knocking at doors at 5 o'clock this morning. They were telling everybody to move the RV, prepare for evacuations," said Christina Landeros, who was able to move her RV out of harms way before the floods began.

The Williamson County Office of Emergency Management recommended two Georgetown neighborhoods to evacuate.

One of those neighborhoods was the Shady River RV Resort.

"We went back in, pulled four or five other people out, just going back, trying to help as many people as we can because a lot of people are like us. All of our money is put into these trailers," said Dalton Chadwick.

Chadwick lives at the RV park, and spent Saturday afternoon helping neighbors there tow their trailers out of the flooded area.

Victor Hubbard was not able to get his trailer out before the floods.

"I wasn't even thinking of closing my push-out. Water is just going to go in, and get on the floor, just like in a house in a flood," Hubbard said.

Across the county, first responders had to pull 42 people out of the water during various water rescues.

Nobody was hurt or killed, but this flooding was worse than neighbors anticipated.

"Never had this happen. Never," Landeros said.

Now, neighbors have a long cleanup process ahead.

"Maybe go over to her brother's house. I don't know," Hubbard said.

First responders urge people not to walk or drive around barriers and taped-off areas, because the current from the floods are much stronger than you think they are.

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