Gambling/money laundering investigation leads APD SWAT to Hutto neighborhood

APD SWAT members get in position near a suspect's house in Hutto. (Photo: Tricia Russell)

One Williamson County neighborhood is still buzzing about a SWAT raid on their street. Austin Police investigating possible gambling and money laundering followed their clues to the 1200 block of Augusta Bend Drive in Hutto.

Because it is an ongoing investigation, Austin police are being vague about what they're looking for. But they did tell us they were at least six months into an investigation into alleged gambling and money laundering.

And they said it's not unusual for police to get a warrant to search the home of a suspect. Lt. Robert Richman from APD’s organized crime division says, “We've been looking into some gambling operations that were laundering a large quantity of money. And as our investigation developed it led us over to this location and this residence."

Neighbors reported hearing a series of loud booms when the SWAT team moved in. Tricia Russell says she immediately went to check on her children. “I went to my daughter's room and looked outside their window to see if i could get a better view of what was going on and there was a man in fatigues with a sniper rifle laying in my neighbor's driveway."

As a precaution Tricia and her husband moved their children to the rear of the house. Tricia says, “I actually had them on the ground in our bedroom. I just didn't want a stray bullet coming in... I just wanted them low to the ground."

It looked scary but police say they were just making sure the situation would stay contained to one house. Lt. Richman says, “We have no reason to believe that this house has been involved in anything that has to do with violent crimes."

Police hinted the trail doesn't end here. There will be more digging and they believe more arrests.

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