Former Taylor High School student accused of making terroristic threat to campus--again

17-year-old Devant Davis-Brooks allegedly told other players during an online video game that he was “going to shoot up Taylor High School tomorrow.” (Photo: Williamson County Jail)

A former student at Taylor High School was arrested for making a threat against the school during an online video game--and this isn't his first arrest for the same alleged crime.

The Taylor Police Department says they received a report of a threat made Wednesday morning, wherein the suspect--identified as 17-year-old Devant Davis-Brooks--allegedly told other players in the game he was “going to shoot up Taylor High School tomorrow.”

One of the players in the game was an off-duty Fort Worth Police officer, who reported it to Taylor Police.

Taylor Police Officers and Detectives promptly responded to Davis-Brooks' residence and detained him while they conducted an investigation of the incident.

The Taylor Police Department received a written statement from the off-duty Fort Worth Police Officer, and Davis-Brooks was charged with making a terroristic threat, a third-degree felony.

Last August, when he was still a student at the school, Davis-Brooks and two other teens arrested and charged with making a terroristic threat after they allegedly discussed plans for a school shooting in a classroom.

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