Former Longhorn player arrested for DWI

Former Longhorn and NFL player Cedric Benson has had another run-in with the law.

According to court documents, Benson was seen by Austin Police early Saturday morning speeding along the 800 block of W 6th Street.

When officers attempted to pull Benson over at a convenience store on N Lamar, Benson left his vehicle and attempted to enter the store.

Officers intercepted him and attempted to conduct a field sobriety test but Benson could not say the alphabet from G to T because he “played 8 years in the NFL”. He also stated he could only count from one to three.

Benson was arrested but bonded out hours later.

This is the latest in a number of incidents with the law. In December of 2014 Benson was charged with public intoxication. In 2010 Benson was charged with punching a downtown bar employee.

The Bears released Benson after two alcohol-related incidents in Austin.

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