Football standout wants shot at finding adoptive family

You'll want to remember his name because 10-year-old Kimeon could be the next star athlete. (CBS Austin)

He's a standout on the football field but this week's "Forever Families" child really wants a shot at finding an adoptive family.

"Do you want to be an NFL player?" we asked Kimeon, "Yes!" he replied.

You'll want to remember his name because 10-year-old Kimeon could be the next star athlete.

"Famous!" he said. "Do you want to be famous some day?" CBS Austin asked. "Ah-huh," he replied.

But Kimeon's character really shines, when he's not winning. CBS Austin's Lindsay Liepman spent the afternoon with Kimeon at Gattiland in Round Rock, pretty much playing just one game.

"I have a feeling in my bones. I'm gonna get it right," said Kimeon focused on winning the Master Key game.

"I'm gonna get it eventually," he said after several attempts.

He never wins the prize but Kimeon didn't lose his smile while trying.

"I'm gonna try to go a little bit higher," said Kimeon.

"He's very athletic. He's very talented. He has quick hands. Quick feet," said Mary Carruth, Kimeon's CASA advocate.

She says Kimeon has been in multiple homes over the years.

"I would love for him to have a home. He deserves a home. He deserves a safe place where he can get affection," said Carruth.

"He deserves it. Every kid deserves it," she said.

Carruth hopes he'll find a forever family that encourages sports and scholarship.

"He just goes with the flow. He's very resilient. He has a great sense of humor. He laughs easily," she said.

His favorite thing to do in the world?

"Collect shoes," said Kimeon.

He hopes one day he will have his own line of shoes but it's his heart of gold and potential for greatness that Carruth hopes one family will see and know he's been their missing key.

"Work at it. Go through the process because kids like Kimeon are out there and they need you," said Carruth.

You can read Kimeon's bio at the Heart Gallery of Central Texas website -- and watch "Forever Families" every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. on CBS Austin News.

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