Feral hogs becoming increasing problem in NW Austin neighborhood

Wild Hogs are becoming an increasing nuisance to some residents in Northwest Austin. (CBS Austin)

Wild Hogs are becoming an increasing nuisance to some residents in Northwest Austin.

Pamela Lehmann, who lives in the Lakewood neighborhood, says one hog has been visiting her home a few times a week for the last several months.

"He's been coming off and on usually at night, different times at night,” Lehmann said.

Because he visits so often, she’s even given him a name: Bosco. The invasion has caused her around $1,000 in landscape damage.

"We put out the trap and the corn and then he disappeared for two weeks and the trapper went ahead and took his trap back,” Lehmann said.

Other homeowners in the Lakewood neighborhood have also tried using traps to catch them, but they can be pricey, reaching into the hundreds.

"I have thought of cayenne pepper, I heard that that might work,” Lehmann said.

According to the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, feral hogs cause an average of $200 in damage per hog each year. Texas’ hog population is 2.6 million.

Some neighbors say the problem has gotten so bad they’ve put up iron and plastic mesh fences to keep them away.

Resident Linda Gockel says she and her husband spent a little more than $50 installing a plastic mesh fence around their yard, and since then, the hogs haven’t bothered their yard.

"We've never had a fenced in backyard so there was nothing to keep them from coming from the woods into the yard,” Gockel said.

Texas Parks and Wild Life says homeowners should consider using traps or setting up a fence to deter hogs from invading their property.

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