Federal judge denies motion to suppress evidence in Onyeri trial

A pivotal decision is expected on Friday, in the case against the man accused of trying to kill a Travis County judge. (Photo courtesy: Austin Police Department)

On Friday, a judge denied a request to get key evidence suppressed in the trial of a man accused in the shooting of Travis County Judge Julie Kocurek.

Police say Chimene Onyeri shot Kocurek in November of 2015, because, they say, he wanted to stop her from sentencing him to prison.

Onyeri's defense lawyers argued that the description of the car when Onyeri was arrested -- a silver Dodge Charger with big, black rims -- is too vague, and therefore, the cell phones and the data they contained should have been off limits.

In the decision, US District Judge Lee Yeakel concluded the traffic stop of the vehicle Onyeri was in was legal because of a traffic violation and reasonable suspicion that Onyeri was in the vehicle at the time of the stop.

Jury selection for Onyeri's trial is scheduled to begin on March 21, and the trial is slated to begin on March 26.

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