Fayette County's drug-busting, crime-fighting K9 Lobos retires from service

(Photos courtesy: Fayette County Sheriff's Office)

Lobos, the Fayette County Sheriff's Office K9 whose keen sense of smell has led to seizures of millions of dollars in drugs, is now retiring.

Fayette Co. Lt. Beyers confirms that Lobos has officially retired, and has been replaced by the rookie K9 Kolt, who himself make a $1.5 million drug bust earlier this week.

Lt. Beyer says Lobos' retirement was kept quiet due to his fame, and that now he's being treated like a king and has gotten quite fat.

In addition to his numerous drug busts during his long career with Fayette County, Lobos has also helped find those missing and in danger, such as an elderly man with dementia who had wandered away from home and a lost child who was stuck in a tree surrounded by donkeys.

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