Father of 3 killed and robbed after trying to break up fight

Taruas Crenshaw, father of 3 killed (photo provided by family)

New details involving Tuesday morning’s deadly Westside shooting.

Family members identify the victim as 23-year-old Taruas Crenshaw. Loved ones tell us he’s also known as “Tee”.

“I’m still trying to process the whole situation,” said Crenshaw’s stepfather Julian Maddox. "The last conversation I had with him was last Wednesday. I just told him to take care of himself, and that I was proud of him.”

Police say Taruas was killed right in front of his own apartment, located along the 900 block of San Fernando Street.

Witnesses told authorities the 23-year-old had confronted a man, that had been beating a woman.

Moments later, the man shot and killed Taruas.

"There was an altercation at the end of this block,” said Maddox. “He tried to stop the fight, and the guy just shot him multiple times.”

Family members and friends met at Crenshaw’s apartment hours after the shooting. They tell us, many of his items were already missing.

“Somebody broke into his place, and took all of his belongings,” said Maddox. "Clothes, games, I guess he had a little cash in the house. They took everything."

Police tell us whoever shot Crenshaw drove away in a red Kia.

"We need to get this guy off of the street,” said Maddox. “If he got mad enough to kill my son, who else could he get mad enough to kill."

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