Father indicted on capital murder charge in death of 3-year-old Sherin Mathews


DALLAS (AP) — A Dallas man is facing a capital murder charge in connection with the death of his adopted 3-year-old daughter.

The Dallas County District Attorney's Office Friday released two grand jury indictments against Wesley Mathews. In addition to the capital murder charge, Mathews is facing a charge of tampering with a human corpse "with the intent to impair its verity and availability as evidence..."


Dallas County officials hold news conference concerning indictments against Sherin Mathews' father.


Sherin Mathews' body was found in a culvert near her suburban Dallas home little more than a year after she was adopted from an Indian orphanage. Autopsy results stated she died from "homicidal violence."

Wesley Mathews initially told police Sherin disappeared after he punished her by sending her out in the night to stand by a tree near the home. He later told investigators Sherin had developmental disabilities and was malnourished. He described a special diet regimen in which she had to eat whenever she was awake in order to gain weight. Mathews said he had been trying to get the girl to drink milk in the garage of their home. He told police that Sherin choked and coughed and eventually he felt no pulse and believed the child had died.

Investigators wrote that he "then admitted to removing the body from the home."

Wesley Mathews' wife is facing a charge of abandoning a child. The couple adopted Sherin in June 2016.

Sherin's disappearance in October generated a broad search involving a number of law enforcement agencies. Her body was found in the culvert Oct. 22.

Parts of this story were obtained from Associated Press.

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