Family of man shot and killed by APD officers to file lawsuit against city

Family members are hoping to get answers more than a year after Landon Nobles was shot and killed by Austin Police officers. (Picture courtesy of the Nobles family)

The family of Landon Nobles, the 24-year-old man killed on 6th Street last year, is preparing to file a lawsuit against the City of Austin for wrongful death.

In the one year since his death, his family says they're still looking for answers, prompting this lawsuit.

"We miss him. And it's hurting us badly," said Renae Nobles, Landon's mother.

Skip Davis, the family's lawyer, says they don't have a specific amount they're suing for in mind, but estimate it will be between $10-15 million.

But Davis says this lawsuit is not about money. "We want transparency, and we expect it. The public demands it," Davis said.

The night of the shooting, Chief Brian Manley said officers heard gunshots, found out they came from Nobles, and tried to talk with him. That's when he says a chase began, and Nobles turned around and fired at officers.

Family members say Nobles, a father of two young boys, would never do this. "He was kind. He loved his boys, and he wanted to be here with his boys," said Renae Nobles.

Davis showed an interview of a witness who was working security at a nearby bar that night, who saw an officer throw a bike at Nobles, causing him to trip, making his gun go off.

"We intend to prove two officers walked up to Landon Nobles, after assaulting him with a bicycle, and they shot him in cold blood four times in the back, and left him to die on the street like a dog," Davis said.

Davis says Austin Police have not communicated with him in several months, and have not released any footage from their investigation.

Family members are hoping this lawsuit gives them a better idea what happened that night. "I'm very hopeful it will bring justice," Renae Nobles said.

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