Dozens of people rescued from wedding venue due to flooding

Photo: AFD

Brandy Harris and Miletus Barile were set to exchange their wedding vows at Casa Rio De Colores in Liberty Hill Saturday, but mother nature had different plans.

Rushing water from the South Fork San Gabriel River nearby came rushing into the outdoor venue where the couple had just hosted their pre-wedding party and guests had been sleeping Saturday night.

“Last night we got a warning that there was a flash flood. I had no idea that the water was gonna come up this high,” said the groom’s father, Tony Barile.

The water rose so fast, some of the guests who’d been sleeping in tents and RVs only had minutes to get to safety. Some of them even climbed up onto trees to escape the rising water.

“Slowly, everyone started to try to wade through the water and make their way to the main house, but it was just a matter of 30 minutes that the water was five feet and started sweeping cars away,” said Meg Stevens, a friend of the bride.

She and other guests were able to make it onto the balcony of a guest house onsite as they waited for emergency crews to respond.

“One the vehicles hit the pillar of the house we were standing on the balcony of which was very unsettling,” Stevens said.

A wedding weekend nightmare – but friends and family are thankful everyone made it out safely.

“We answered the door and they told us there was a flood and the first thing that came to my mind was is my brother going to be okay,” said Miletus’ sister, Sofia Barile.

WCSO launched boats off County Road 279 near the Blue Hole area to rescue the more than 60 stranded guests.

The Liberty Hill, Leander, Cedar Park and Round Rock fire departments also helped with search.

Most of the individuals were located before 7:00 a.m.

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