Downtown Austin cigar shop shutting down, blames 'dirty Sixth Street conditions'

Bobalu Cigar Shop in downtown Austin is blaming the city's "neglect" of Sixth Street for the closing of their store (Photo: CBS Austin)

A downtown Austin cigar shop is shutting down after nearly 21 years in operation, and its owners are blaming it on the city's "neglect" of Sixth Street.

Bobalu Cigar Shop owner Jeff Lipton says the store will close their original location at 509 E. Sixth Street at the end of the month.

In a press release, Lipton says he's "fought for years as the City of Austin continued to neglect east Sixth Street, while focusing it’s attention and resources on developing Second Street, The Warehouse District, West Sixth Street, Rainey Street and just about every other area of downtown."

“Sixth Street, The Live Music Capital of the World, used to be the jewel of the city, if not the entire country," Lipton adds. "Now they should call it 'Filthy Sixth' because the area has actually become a very dangerous place riddled with homeless people, crime and waste. It’s the last place that anybody from out of town would want to visit.”

Customers of Bobalu Cigar Shop will be directed to the store's other location in North Austin at 8501A Burnet Road.

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