Cedar Park dog beaten with sledgehammer has died

CBS Austin

UPDATE: The Cedar Park pit bull beaten with a sledgehammer two months ago by its owner has died.

Country was 3-years-old. He spent weeks in an animal hospital, but succumbed to his injuries this week.

Two people are already facing animal cruelty charges for the abuse Country suffered.


An animal rescue group is searching for the perfect forever home for a dog found beaten unconscious in Cedar Park nearly two months ago.

The three-year-old pit bull, named Country, was not only found lying on the ground nearly lifeless, but his vets say they found drugs in his system and a skull fracture from the beating.

"He really is a big kid with a huge heart,” said Lacey Clemons, the Animal Control Supervisor in Cedar Park, who found Country along with Cedar Park Police.

If you look at him now, you might not be able to tell how badly he was beaten before he was rescued then handed over to Final Frontier Rescue Project – the group that stepped in to help rehabilitate him.

"I have goosebumps right now thinking about it, of course I cried,” said Mandy Colbert, a volunteer at the Final Frontier Rescue Project.

Back in October, his owner asked his son to grab something to kill Country after he bit a neighbor. So the boy grabbed a sledgehammer and hit him in the head. Another swing, and the boy hit his father’s arm and broke it.

"He was almost a lifeless animal,” Clemons said.

Now rescuers are trying to find someone who can love Country as much as he’s learned to love people and forgive.

"He's sweet. He just wants to be able to express his love that he's never gotten to be able to do before,” Colbert said.

If you want to adopt Country, you can visit the New Hope Animal Hospital located at 1210 E. New Hope Dr. in Cedar Park where he has been in rehab over the last couple of months.

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