Day of Mourning forces many closings, but not Blue Santa Breakfast

Volunteers at Blue Santa. (CBS Austin)

The national closures will affect all federal offices in our area and some federally-run functions like the LBJ Presidential Library. The governor's order affects state agencies, but not public schools or universities. But everyone will be impacted by what the post office plans to do.

Your holiday mailing will have to wait. That’s because the United States Postal Service will close its post offices and is cancelling regular mail delivery Wednesday. And they’re not alone. All federal offices and agencies have been told to close for the National Day of Mourning.

What about your banks? You’ll have to ask them. The proclamations for the day of mourning simply gives them the option to close for the day, but it’s up to them.

Governor Abbotts’s order will close most state offices and official functions, and that’s disappointing repeat customers at state driver’s license offices. One of them is Erin Bradley. She told us, “While I do like to honor our presidents, I’ve got things to do.”

We caught Erin walking out of the door of the driver’s license office in South Austin. She explained her disappointment, “This is the third day I’ve been here and the line is about four hours long so I needed to come back tomorrow. But now I find out that I can’t.”

And while the nation is pausing to mourn President Bush, Christmas is coming and the annual Austin Police Blue Santa Breakfast needs to go on as scheduled. Board Member Margarine Beaman says, “This is one of our big fundraisers because we’re still having to go out and buy more toys.”

Blue Santa has deadlines to meet if it is to deliver toys to more than 5,000 needy families in time for Christmas. Beaman adds, “If we were to miss that breakfast, that would really set us back. So we’re continuing with the breakfast and hope everyone will come and be there with us.”

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