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Cyclist hit by driver talking on cell phone looking forward to his day in court

Austin bicyclist. (KEYE TV)
Austin bicyclist. (KEYE TV)
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Traffic moved smoothly on Barton Creek Boulevard Friday, more than two and a half years after a collision on that road broke Bobby Crouch's back.

"My husband was riding his bicycle on Barton Creek Boulevard, and a truck rammed into him from behind and broke his back in four places," said Margo Crouch.

The driver was never charged. Margo Crouch says he was on his cell phone when he hit Bobby Crouch. Life changed in an instant. "Since that truck ran into him, he has not had a pain-free day," she said.

On Monday, Margo and Bobby Crouch will be in court with their lawyers. "We want to have his day in court, where he can be compensated for the harms and losses he sustained," said attorney Jason Billick

The lawsuit names Patrick Linton of Austin as the driver. KEYE TV reached out to Linton's attorney but we were unsuccessful.

The Crouches are asking for monetary damages. "That's number one, but number two which makes this case more unique, send a message," said Billick.

That message is change. "One of my missions is to have the law catch up to technology, so there are consequences to people talking on their cell phones and using their cell phones while their driving," Margo Crouch said.

Life changed for the Crouches. Now, they want things to change for everyone on the road. "You can get a DUI and hit a telephone pole and go to jail, but when you're on your cell phone which is shown to be just as bad, you get a wrist slap," she said.

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