WilCo neighborhood street damaged by cave opening will take weeks to fix

A neighbor says a crew worker sent this picture from inside the cave.

UPDATE 4:20 p.m.: Officials with Williamson County say the large hole that appeared under a street Thursday in the Woods of Brushy creek subdivision is a cave -- and it could take several weeks to fix the damage.

Brushy Creek MUD utility workers discovered the karst feature while responding to reports of a water outage. The road will remain closed during the remediation effort.

Officials say they aren't exactly sure what caused the opening, but an initial examination shows that the limestone bed that forms the cave ceiling is scored and thinner where the utility lines were installed, and the cave ceiling appears to be more stable outside of that area.

"The roof of the carse feature collapsed in, and so our water line collapsed on it," said Brushy Creek MUD's Mike Petter.

CBS Austin spoke with the environmental group investigating the collapse. They say it's too early to determine what measures need to be taken.

For now, neighbors are taking a wait and see approach.

"Once we know more about it and get a better idea, we'll evaluate it and make some decisions," said Erik Johnson, who lives near the collapse.

Further details were not immediately available.


The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office says a 20 ft. sinkhole has opened up in the 8400 block of Cambria Dr. due to water leak in the Woods of Brushy creek subdivision.

According to WiCo. Sheriff, traffic has been diverted around the scene and residents in the area have been notified.

According to a tweet from Sheriff Robert Chody, the sinkhole will take approximately six weeks to repair.

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