Coyotes causing worry in SW Austin neighborhood

Neighbors in one Westlake community are scared after seeing coyotes more frequently. (Picture courtesy of J.J. Smith-Getman)

If you live in the Treemont neighborhood in Southwest Austin near West Lake Hills, chances are you have seen a coyote wandering around. Neighbors say this is becoming more concerning.

People who live in this area say they started seeing coyotes a few months ago, but in recent weeks, they see coyotes on an almost daily basis.

"The frequency we're seeing them, and the fact we're seeing them at all times in the day, it's just frightening," said Allison Olson.

Olson gave CBS Austin her surveillance video of her driveway, showing a coyote walking around there.

Recently, these sightings have become more alarming. Neighbors have noticed the wild animals becoming more comfortable around them. "We saw the coyote at the end of the driveway with a cat in it's mouth," said J.J. Smith-Getman.

Many homes in the Treemont neighborhood back into wooded areas. But neighbors are noticing the coyotes venturing away from the woods. "We're seeing them crossing the street. We're seeing them at the park. We're seeing them out in front of homes," Olson said.

Olson and Smith-Getman have reached out to the city to try and get the coyotes removed.

According to Austin Animal Services, they are monitoring the situation in this neighborhood. Under their policy, they cannot remove the coyotes unless they exhibit behavior that suggests they're a danger to people.

So far, experts say this is not the case.

Neighbors say they're worried it might be too late before the city is able to act. "It's going to take someone really getting hurt or worse for them to enact the policy," Olson said.

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