Cooler weather possible next week

Highs could drop into the 70s

After our third hottest Summer ever in Austin's history with more than 50 days of 100+ degree heat, we can finally look forward to Fall officially starting on Saturday, September 22nd. Right on cue, Mother Nature is trying to send much cooler and drier air far South into the Lone Star State. However, just HOW cool this air will be is still somewhat uncertain.

Forecasting more than 5-7 days into the future is tricky business. Computer models are at least in agreement that there will be a front rolling into Texas late next week, with one computer model putting highs in the 70s for Texas by next Thursday. Another generally more reliable model doesn't bring the cooler air through until next Friday or Saturday, and is not as bullish on a substantial cool-down.

Right now, there is medium confidence of cooler-than-normal weather, and high confidence of additional showers and thunderstorms. This is all subject to significant change when talking about a forecast 7+ days in advance, so consider this at least a healthy sign that cooler weather is right around the corner. Looking farther ahead towards this winter, the latest Climate Prediction Center update from September 17th also highlights a 65-70% chance of an El Nino pattern developing this winter, which on average brings cooler and wetter weather to Texas.

For frequent updates to the forecast, head over to for the latest from your Storm Tracker Meteorologists.

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