Cool at School: Lasa High School students living a happy, healthy, human life

Lasa High School students

Freshmen at Lasa High School of Austin ISD, are starting this year with the openness to discuss mental wellness in students. These kids were among the first to be part of a presentation, that will soon make its way into more than 50 schools across Texas.

A recent concert focusing on mental health was held on the campus. The initiative made it clear it is okay for students to express their thoughts. Zoey Wills is a senior, "The best kind of thing you can do is to be yourself because especially here, everyone is so passionate about lots of different things."

Freshman Aaron Booe says the stress of starting a high school can add up, "School in general. I want to do lots of clubs, but at the same time I want to make sure my grades are in order so I can maintain a good GPA."

Anissa Cantu agrees, "I am nervous mostly because I am afraid I will get lost in the school on the first day. And I won't know where my classes are."

This presentation was made possible by the organization "Okay to Say" and supported by Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute. The purpose was to change the conversation around mental health, hope, and recovery with treatable mental illnesses.

The WEZMORE Project was also a major sponsor.

Learning while possibly saving lives, is what makes the kids at Lasa High School cool at school.

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