Cool at School: The Kindness Campaign student ambassadors

The Kindness Campaign student ambassadors. (CBS Austin)

Students at McBee Elementary of Austin ISD are in their second semester of The Kindness Campaign curriculum.

Student ambassadors helped motivate students in a recent kick-off. Thirteen-year-old Anna Alonso is an ambassador and hopes students learn a lot from it, "I hope it works out for them and goes with the message and of being kind, not mean. And for them to feel better about themselves," she said.

Sophomore Saylor Barton was a part of this pep rally setting, to motivate these younger children to spread kindness to others, "I grew with parents who encouraged me to be kind, so to be a role model for them is really big for me," he stated.

Saylor joined the ambassador program because of her best friend, Malory Mason, and says she enjoys every second of it "I have always been really passionate about helping kids and spreading kindness."

Malory sees a lot of herself in these young faces, "Not that long ago I was in kindergarten and I remember going through elementary school and how hard it is sometimes. This is just a comforting to be there and guide you," she added.

50 school of Austin ISD are teaching The Kindness Campaign. The Katelle Foundation is the founder of this campaign.

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