Cool at School: The Kindness Campaign

The Kindness Campaign at Cunningham Elementary. (Photo: CBS Austin)

Students across Austin ISD are learning about kindness and anti-bullying through a fluffy blue character named Enoughie. The Kindness Campaign is in fifty schools right now, but looking to expand.

Chants and cheers overtake a lesson in learning inside a Cunningham Elementary classroom for Enoughie. E is the character students, like first grader Declan Smith, are learning through when it comes to kindness and no bullying in the classroom.

"He makes me feel good because he makes me think that I am enough," says Declan.

Declan says there's one story he can relate to. "He goes to school and he’s nervous. It’s basically hard for him to let go of his dad’s hand."

He remembers how his first day of class was. "I was nervous on the first day of my school. I was really nervous."

Five-year-old Oliver DeGraff knows the feeling, "Yeah, whenever I meet new people I feel kind of shy."

His favorite Enoughie stories are "When he feels happy."

Eight-year-old Raelynn Hudson is also learning through Enoughie's adventures, "He’s a character in our stories and sometimes we talk about his feelings."

Raelynn says kids read, and write in their journals about Enoughie and what the a plush, blue round character means to them, "Somebody can have a bad day and you want to say some nice things to make them feel better."

The Kindness Campaign is the first program of The Katelle Foundation:

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