Cool at School: Tamalada at Cedar Ridge High School

Tamalada at Cedar Ridge High School. (CBS Austin)

Tamales aren't easy to make, but worth all the work. Some Cedar Ridge High school Students of Round Rock ISD hosted a tamalada. A traditional Mexican party that brings family and friends together to make tamales.

Danna Quiriarte is a junior and walks us through the first step of tamale making, “You make what is called the masa, which is like the dough for the tamale. And then as you saw the corn husks that I was preparing to make them more flexible," she said.

Students in Spanish and culinary classes on campuses are part of this experience. Nia Spicer is a sophomore and helps stir and pour of some the ingredients, "I have been taking Spanish since I was in sixth grade and I just love the culture and everything it brings to it, so I thought why not when you have a hands on opportunity," she said.

18-year-old Hannah Villarreal has made tamales before with her family, "i think it's a really interesting tradition, a really good way to connect to the Hispanic culture and keep that alive in my family," she said.

Cultural learning and expanding taste buds is what makes the students at Cedar Ridge cool at school.

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