Cool at School: STEAM Day at Spicewood Elementary

STEAM Day at Spicewood Elementary. (CBS Austin)

Students at Spicewood Elementary of Round Rock ISD blew off some "steam" on a day designed just for this.

STEAM Day incorporates fun, while learning some key subjects: science, technology, engineering, arts and math. Drum fit falls into the arts of this day, students learn the beats of music. 11-year-old Scott Seamon drums away on a yoga ball, as part of this lesson, "I was thinking holy cow, I do not think I am ready for this. But I went ahead and did it, and I think I did great," he said.

Fifth grader Eera Gourngupta says exercises allows students to let loose and have fun, while learning, "It really takes your hand, eye coordination to another level, because it's really hard to follow. Every day you have to sit down and learn, and I don't mean that's bad or anything, but it's a lot of fun to move around. It gets your energy out," she says

Students put their coding skills learned through engineering to use. Small car looking devices follow colorful tracks made by them. And magnetic energy is tests the knowledge of third grader Anoushka Basu and classmates, "We are taping a magnet to a toy car, and guiding the car to move it with a magnetic wand. When the magnets repel each other, they push away, so the car starts moving. We are trying to solve the problem so it goes in the right direction," she says.

Direction that gives these students a creative way of learning, is what makes the kids at Spicewood Elementary cool at school.

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