Cool at School: Pit bulls helping kids keep up with their reading

Cool at School: Pit bulls helping kids read during summer break (Photo: KEYE-TV)

The Andy Roddick Foundation is teaming up with some pit bull therapy dogs to keep kids reading during the summer. The dogs are part of Love-A-Bull's Pit Crew.

Baby is helping students at Pecan Springs Elementary, like ten-year-old Kalvin Patridge, "It's fun because sometimes the dog will lay on your lap. And sometimes fall asleep when you are reading."

Eight-year-old Daveon Thomas says it feels good to be able to read out loud and practice, "It makes it more fun to read and she listens."

Soon-to-be sixth grader Janeya Sterling loves be able to share a book with dogs like Baby, "I pet them. Then I have them look at the pictures, and imagine the story in their head in their own words." Janeya says this is way better than reading alone, "It's usually just really boring if you don't read to certain things. Because sometimes you could just read to yourself and it's really boring."

Carri Crowe is Baby's owner, "It gives them an opportunity to read without judgement. They are reading to a dog. It teaches you not to judge a dog by how it looks. A book by its cover."

Love-A-Bull works with The Andy Roddick Foundation year round. They are recruiting more dog for their Pit Crew and need more therapy dogs. Online registration for our next training class is open here.

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