Cool at School: Mushroom farmers at Clifton Career Development School

Mushroom farmers at Clifton Career Development School. (CBS Austin)

Students at Clifton Career Development School are possibly the states only high school mushroom farmers.

Junior Brykel Jones walked us through the tedious process, "You make the mushrooms, you pasteurize it, that's basically when you mix it up and stuff and then you cook it with the steamer and then you just bag it," he says.

17-year-old D'Anderson Silas showed us the operation before these vegetables are ready for sale, "Once you get to four point two, or point zero you take it over here and seal it and then it goes over there and put the tag on it.," he says.

This class teaches students in urban settings, ways to be involved in agriculture and learn about a possible career path. Last month one hundred and thirty pounds of mushrooms were produced by these students, then sold to local individuals and restaurants.

Johnathan Gonzales admits this isn't easy, "It's like a job basically. It's complicated because it's hot in there, and outside. Sometimes it frustrating. If you don't do it right it just goes bad," he says.

Students learning lasting skills is what makes the kids of Clifton Career Development school cool at school

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