Cool at School: Liberty Hill Junior High students showcase inventions and ideas

Liberty Hill Junior High students showcase inventions and ideas. (CBS Austin)

Students at Liberty Hill Junior High get a feel for reality television, while showcasing their creativity. It's a Shark Tank setting, where 8th graders come up with a product, and local entrepreneurs serve as the sharks.

Group by group students of Liberty Hill ISD presented their ideas. Apps were pretty popular, but among this group, we found The Easy Cable Crew.

14-year-old Chance Pogue is part of a team built this, "Our product is Easy Cable. It's super convenient built in jumper cable module that fits under hood of your car," he said.

Kevin Grumbles used personal experience for this invention, "I have been in so many situations where my brother, he just got his truck and it always breaks down. He needed jumper cables and we never had them so we had to call someone to come pick us up," he said.

Hannah Garcia and her partner developed The Snap and Seal, "You snap it down and the dressing falls down and you snap this down, toppings or whatever, and you just shake it all up and it's your meal,” she said.

Mason Covington and his classmate developed a product to help cut down on water bills, "This is Aqua Sprout. A drip irrigation system to take out your whole water bill from farming. This spike will go into your plant and the roots will be evenly watered," he said.

Endless ideas, that will sure to make a shark bite, is what makes the students of Liberty Hill Junior High cool at school.

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