Cool at School: Lettuce farm at Lee Elementary

    Lettuce plants first farm at Lee Elementary. (CBS Austin)

    Okra, eggplant, carrots, imagine all this growing right outside your front door. Students of Lee Elementary of Austin ISD have this and more, thanks to a group known as Lettuce.

    More and more gardens and chicken coops are popping up on campuses across campuses. Students become care takers of the produce, and learn from it.

    But this is the first urban garden created by Lettuce, planted at lee elementary. A sustainable, hyper-local ecosystem that grows and distributes food that's healthier, tastier, fresher, and costs less.

    Olivia Cabes is a 6th grader on campus, and experiencing all sorts of veggies and spices, "If you have a chance to have a garden, you should really get your hands on it and just start it, because it's such a great thing to start," she said.

    Arugula seemed to be favorite among students, especially for 5th grader Scout Hewlett, "The arugula was kind of spicey, but it really good and I kept eating it and I felt kind of bad, because I was eating it all," she told us.

    Lettuce creates new experiences for students like 12-year-old Jayln Miles, "Today I learned what okra was and I didn't know what okra was, my principle told me try some, and it was really good. That was my first time trying okra," he said.

    Lettuce wants to get into more schools across Central Texas, and provide students with experiences like this. Go to to learn more.

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