Cool at School: Leander High School students make flu kits for campus

Leander High School students make flu kits for campus

Students at Leander High School are getting help from classmates to avoid the flu. Connor Radovcich and his classmates in this vocational services program are putting together flu kits.

The assembly line is made of students who are taught marketable skills to help them become productive members of the workforce and their community regardless of their individual challenges.

For 17-year-old Connor, his leadership skills are growing, "Since I am on a team, I got to help them out. I work well in groups and stuff so what I do is help them out, and tell them, hey we got to work together to get this done," he said.

18-year-old Elizabeth Nunan wishes she could meet all the students and teachers getting the kits, but knows it's impossible. She instead has this message for them, "Take very good care of yourself. Don't let anything get in the way of taking care of yourself," she said.

Taking care of others is what makes the students at Leander High Schools Vocational Services Program cool at school.

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