Cool at School: KIPP Austin Public Schools unicycle pilot program

St. Andrew's Uni-Saders

Third graders are KIPP Austin Public Schools are part of a pilot program that involves unicycles.

Members of the St. Andrews Uni-Saders are teaming up with KIPP kids. Lililia LeBlanc is sharing her riding skills, "I want to show them because I love it, and maybe they will to."

This pint size cycler has been riding since first grade, "It just makes me feel happy. It's fun."

The Uni-Saders also share their stories on what unicycle riding does for them. Alice Presley can't wait to learn how to ride a unicycle, 'I want to learn how to do it.. Some of them fell and some it took them two years to try to do it. It's really cool."

Mikai Dunn, has never seen a unicycle until now, "I thought it was unbelievable because i have never seen a unicycle."

He hopes to ride one day, and learn from kids like Luke McGrath, "It gives me freedom to ride and have fun. If you haven't fell you haven't learned."

This program was started through a non-profit, One Wheel Many Children.

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