Cool at School: Hendrickson High School's first fire academy

Hendrickson High School students apart of Pflugerville ISD's first fire academy. (CBS Austin)

18 Pflugerville ISD students are part of the districts first and only fire academy at Hendrickson High School.

Under yellow and grey protective fire gear, seniors practice how to use personal protective equipment. 17-year-old Hallie Beeson is one of ten girls in this state certified fire academy class. Along with book work and online exercises, a big part of this academy is preparedness, "It's helping me with my confidence, my anxiety. I freaked out when I had the mask on, because I didn't know you had to take a big breath before the air kicked in. I was freaking out," she said.

Senior Jacob Duffy wants to join the Army after high school and become a firefighter, "Hopefully it will just teach me how to become a firefighter. all the certifications I need. I don't have to go to college to get certified, I already have it now and can go to college for something else," he said.

At the end of the academy, students receive a state certification under The Texas Commission on Fire Protection.

Alexandria Koger is a force in this classroom, at 5'6 and 120 pounds, "The air pack I couldn't put it on the first time. It was really heavy on one side of my shoulder. I put it on this way, which is really hard," she said.

After high school these students have the chance to take an EMT basic course, and with both certifications combined, they can apply at any department in the state of Texas

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