Cool at School: Eighth Grade Invasion at Connally High School

(CBS Austin)

Recently five hundred middle school students invaded Connally High School of Pflugerville ISD to learn what high school is all about and prepare them for next year.

Brianna Lagunas will be a freshman next year, "It's about going to Connally and seeing what high school is and exploring the programs they provide here," she said.

Junior Caleb Green is one of the many upperclassmen who paired with incoming freshman for this invasion, "For us in high school we get a leadership opportunity and a chance to pass on what we've gotten from the classes above us and for the eighth graders they get to step in a little early and get a feel for it," he says.

Jacob Hooten is considering the theater program on campus, while learning his way around, "So that we know where everything is, and not walking late to every single class and not like uh, where are we," he said.

Meeting and greeting future classmates is what makes the students at Connally High School, cool at school.

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