Cool at School: Dripping Springs High School yearbook gets national honors

Dripping Springs High School yearbook gets national honors. (CBS Austin)

Yearbooks are the perfect way to remember some the best times you had in school. At Dripping Springs High School members of the yearbook class will have quite the memories to share, after winning two big awards. The high schools 2017 Tiger Cry yearbook, titled One & Only is the only Central Texas high school publication to receive a first place award by The American Scholastic Press Association.

Senior Catalina Sanchez is once again editor in chief, "I was shocked because it was only my first year being editor in chief. And prior to that it was only my second year being in year book," she said.

The Tiger Cry also won best overall sports coverage nationwide. 17-year-old Ashleigh McCoy covered cross country and softball among other sports on campus, "It did teach me how to talk to people and improve my writing skills, I don't know I can take that into English but I can probably take that into some job," she said.

Junior Alexis Burch didn't think an award like this was possible, "We went to yearbook camp over summer and I saw a lot schools that were very impressive. I didn't think we were at that level as some of them." she said.

The annual contest for scholastic yearbooks, magazines and newspapers includes entries from schools of all sizes in the U.S. and Canada.

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