Cool at School: Ballet folklorico at Copperfield Elementary

Cool at School: Ballet folklorico at Copperfield Elementary (Photo KEYE-TV)

Copperfield Elementary of Pflugerville ISD started ballet folklorico to introduce its students to a little culture, while having fun.

Ten year old Madison Blakely flares her dress back and forth and makes sure her steps are on point. If she happens make a mistake, she relies on her dance friends to help her out, "If somebody makes a mistake, somebody can tell them and show them the right way, instead of just doing it alone."

She's far from alone. These Latin American dances emphasize local folk culture with ballet characteristics. Fifth grader, Darius Parks Sanders stands out in his costume with a sombrero, because of his heighth. Joining ballet folklorico almost didn't happen for him, but thanks to his mom it did, "She tried to bribe in it, and i didn't want to do it. and she said, do it for at least two months, and I started liking it."

Off the stage, Darius is quite the athlete. He plays track, basketball, football, and now ballet folklorico, "If you play sports why not get your foot work in, it helps you like in football and stuff."

The youngest member of this dance group is kindergardner Jaire Vargas Aguirre, "I made a lot of friends here, and that's why I like ballet folklorico."

She keeps up with every step, and shares what she ejnoys most about dancing, "We get to wear costumes, earrings, and make up."

Ballet folklorico, teaching the kids at Copperfield Elementary culture and responsiblity, making them cool at school.

Students are taught by the legendary Yolanda Sanchez of The Round Rock Ballet Folklórico. They have several performances lined up this weekend for Mother's Day. Here is where you can learn more about them:

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