Cool at School: ACE students keeping McKinney Falls clean

    ACE students at McKinney Falls (Photo: CBS Austin)

    McKinney Falls State Park is getting some help in staying clean from students on summer break. Kids from Blanton Elementary’s summer program, travel more than twelve miles a day to do their part in helping the environment and keeping the park nice for visitors.

    This school bus full of students are part of ACE (afterschool center of education.) This summer program incorporates community service. Seven year old William Castellow is going into the second grade. He's part of this team, helping make this state park cleaner and safer, "We are doing a lot of stuff to help all of this whole big, habitat.”

    A recent project included hauling dirt down near the water, to cover a hole to prevent hikers from getting hurt. Jennifer Monroy explains why she does it, "I wanted to help make this place better, so people can enjoy it in the future."

    Students like Joshua Navarro don't see this as work. His reason for helping is simple, "Keep these places beautiful because maybe in the future we won't have them."

    Young students, keeping McKinney Falls pristine making the kids of ACE Austin summer camp, cool at school.

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