City warns of possible illegal parking boot scam

Booting again.png

The City of Austin has been looking into a possible illegal parking boot scam.

The Austin Transportation Department issued a warning on Monday saying a vehicle parked on a public street in East Austin over the weekend was illegally booted by an unknown person or entity. A note was left on the car that was partially handwritten asking for money.

“It was like $150,” said Jason Redfern with the Austin Transportation Department's parking operation.

Austin Police said a report was taken at 500 San Marcos Street, a block from I-35 in East Austin.

Mateo Mares works at business at that address. He said he saw an elderly woman talking with multiple police officers after her car had boots on all of her tires. “I thought it was a little much because there was (clamp) boots on all the wheels,” said Mares.

Redfern said if you do see a driver get booted by the city, it’s likely because the owner of the vehicle has three or more unpaid parking tickets. A warning is posted on the vehicle instructing the owner arrange payment with the Austin Municipal Court.

However, that doesn’t apply to booting or towing on private property where ATD doesn’t play a role.

Austin Police and ATD have opened an investigation into the issue. They ask if you are a victim to contact Austin 311.

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