Cedar Park shooting victim's organs will be donated

Hailey Reyes, 23, remains on life support. (Photo courtesy: Our Lady of the Lake University)

Doctors are preparing to preserve a Cedar Park shooting victim's organs to donate.

The triple shooting happened on Saturday outside a home on Dogwood Trail. It's now being investigated as a murder-suicide.

Hailey Reyes, 23, remains on life support.

Police in Cedar Park say her uncle -- Elijah Stone -- shot her and her father, before turning the trigger on himself.

Hailey's father -- 45-year-old John Garcia -- died.

Police say Reyes and her father had just returned to a family member's house after kayaking with family, when Stone, who had been waiting outside, started firing at them as they got out of the car. Investigators say he had two handguns but only used one.

Police say Stone had been estranged from the family for 10 years, but the motive behind the shooting is still under investigation.

A spokesperson for the Cedar Park Police Department said Tuesday that doctors are preparing for the process of Reyes' organs to be donated.

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