Buyers wanted: TxDOT toll booths for sale

TXDOT is looking to sell its old cash tool booths saying they're no longer used or useful. (Photo: CBS Austin)

The Texas Department of Public Safety is looking to sell its old cash toll booths.

A TxDOT commission started the process Thursday to sell cash toll booths from the Central Texas Turnpike system. These include toll booths on north MoPac, SH 45 and SH 130.

“They gave us approval to sell these toll booths that we haven’t used in years,” TxDOT spokesperson Veronica Beyer said.

The commission determined the booths are “no longer used or useful” for the toll roads.

TxDOT built the booths around 2006 and used them until January 1, 2013. Since then, they’ve gathered dust and broken windows costing the state about $750 a year in maintenance fees.

In June of last year, TxDOT told CBS Austin the booths served no purpose, but they would cost more than $40 million to demolish. That’s why they still standing.

Beyer said now they’re looking to make some money off of them. “It would be the whole device. There is actually the coin collector, and then the booth itself which they need the whole thing but still be determined how that’s going to work and when,” Beyer said.

Beyer said the perfect customer would be another toll operating agency. According to the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, it has already sold toll booths to a toll facility in Massachusetts.

CTRMA spokesperson Dee Anne Heath said that agency also had to come transport them.

TxDOT plans to sell them for at least more than a million dollars.

Beyer did say it is possible the toll booths would stay, but they’re happy not using them again. “We really are happy that we don’t have them operating in the booths because we think it’s much safer,” Beyer said.

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