Bridge repairs will cause southbound MoPac closures this weekend in North Austin

Expect some extra traffic this weekend on MoPac. (CBS Austin)

Expect some extra traffic this weekend on MoPac.

Friday night, work crews will close down several lanes of the highway near Parmer Lane and Duval Road. Starting at 7 p.m. crews will begin working to remove pavement and make bridge repairs.

That's when the southbound closures begin, lasting through Monday morning.

Drivers say they're not looking forward to this congestion.

"I will not be going that way anymore for the rest of that weekend. This is it," said Linda Carter, who lives near this section of MoPac. "Duval is pretty darn crowded, even on the weekends. It is one of the very few roads that connects Mopac and 183."

The left and center southbound lanes will be shut down from 7 P.M. Friday to 5 A.M. Monday.

The southbound Express lane will be closed from 7 P.M. Friday to 5 A.M. Saturday, but will close again from 9 P.M. Sunday to 5 A.M. Monday.

Even though neighbors are not looking forward to this weekend's congestion, they see these are much-needed improvements to MoPac.

"As Austin continues to grow, this intersection was never meant for this. I'm a long-time Austin resident, and when they redesigned this when they finished Mopac up, they never anticipated this kind of traffic through here," Carter said.

To help reduce the congestion the express lane will at times be free Saturday and Sunday.

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